Friday, May 08, 2009

Birthday Flower

Birthday Flower by crochetyogi


Cristina said...

I love this pattern so much, and am planning to treat myself to an afghan using your sunflower colors. In the meantime, I am making my daughter an afghan for her bed out of 7" squares (all in black--she's a little emo). Do you think you could alter this pattern so it could fit inside of a 7" square? And happy (very) belated birthday!

Deliver Flowers said...

These are lovely! I tried to do one not so long ago and it didn't go very well! Seeing yours has made me want to try again!

Anonymous said...

All of the 12" squares I have viewed so far, (I just found your site) are amazing. Can't make up my mind which I want to use first. They are all just so beautiful. You are truly an artist at this craft. So was my Mama. All she made were given away. That was her delight. So many of the beautiful things she made I have no idea where they may have ended up through the years.
I thank you so very much for sharing your designs. Viewing these has been a delight for me. And when I decide which to began first, that also will be a delight. =)